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Eshraqa sponsors Oman CSR Forum

Muscat,18 October 2017: Eshraqa, KhimjiRamdas Social Development Arm sponsored the first ever Oman CSR forum that was organised on October 11that The Sheraton Hotel. Eshraqa was Gold Sponsor for the event, underscoring its commitment towards Education, Health and Community Wellbeing, endorsing initiatives that drive social change and community development. The company received high commendation for its noteworthy outreach programmes in the field CSR during a brief honouring ceremony wherein H.E.SheikhMohamed Bin Saeed Al-Kalbanie, Minister of Social Development felicitated Anil Khimji, Director KhimjiRamdas.

Expressing gratitude for the award, Anil Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas said, “It is indeed an honour to be hailed as a champion for social causes during a time when the need for corporate engagement in CSR is much needed. We are proud and happy to be doing our bit to give communities the tools for empowerment, self-improvement and self-reliance. On behalf of Eshraqa I would like to thank the organisers of Oman CSR forum for conferring this honour upon us, but, more importantly, for being a platform that unites not only corporate but also other likeminded associations under social responsibility.”

Reiterating Eshraqa’s commitment towards the Omani community, NaileshKhimji, Director KRsaid, “Eshraqa was set up to be an independent social development arm of KR. Community and social development programmes have a far reaching impact across various economy strata owing to concerted efforts made by our team of dedicated volunteers who work closely with local communities. Through Eshraqa, we are able to build resilient and dynamic societies, which, ultimately creates a ripple effect of economic development throughout the country.”

Partnering progressive social change, Eshraqa, KhimjiRamdas Social Development Arm displayed its ongoing community development activities through its Kiosk. The company displayed its social responsibility initiatives in the 3 sectors of Education, Health and Community Wellbeing. Over the last two years it worked in the Wilayat of Samail contributing to the growing infrastructure ​ needs​​ of the community; this includes installing CCTV, Smart TVs and Sunshades in Government schools, donating Pediatric ICU Vital Signs Monitors and Ward Furniture to the Samail General Hospital including supporting the construction of mosques and majlis. Moving forward the company​ will nowwork for the next two years in the Wilayat​s ​of Izki​ and Bid Bid​.

H.E ShaihkAbdullah Salem Al Salmi, led the opening speech introducing the forum and its fundamental goals to increase awareness for community based initiatives among corporates. SheikhaHessaBintKhalifa Al Thani reiterated the forum’s objectives to help businesses everywhere recognize that social responsibility is a national duty.

Oman CSR forum aims to encourage companies to initiate philanthropic drives and be part of the social amelioration of the country’s under-development communities. Its key message centered on generating awareness for corporate social responsibility and helping companies identify areas where they could contribute towards aiding community development.

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