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Headline: Enjoy the festive season with revolutionary new 'Eat it Backwards' Big Bites Pizzas from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Oman has just released an exciting new take on stuffed-crust pizza. A large pizza comes with 12 pockets of cheese and a medium pizza with 8 pockets or cheeseburger instead of regular crust, encouraging patrons to 'eat it backwards'. Pizza Hut's all-new Big Bites Pizzas are available in two options – 'Meaty Big Bites', and 'Cheesy Big Bites', with each pocket 'overflowing' with mini cheeseburger patty topped with mozzarella, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and beef; or mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese respectively.

Sachin Malhotra, COO, Khimji Ramdas Lifestyle Group averred: "The holiday season is for catching up with loved ones. Our exclusive and revolutionary - 'Eat it backwards' Big Bites Pizza is hence the perfect addition to ones upcoming holiday festivities, because we believe there are no better times than those shared over a fun and delicious meal together."

He added, "We invite families and friends to taste our new 'Eat it backwards' pizza and experience an explosion of lip-smacking flavors. And assure them that whether they are picnicking with family and friends this winter, or throwing a party this festive season - the Big Bites Pizza is sure to make meal times easy and fun."

Yogesh Shah, General Manager, Khimji Restaurant Division elucidated: "From our signature Stuffed Crust to creations such as the Big Bites Pizza, Pizza Hut is known for pushing the envelope on innovation and building menu items that delight our customers. With our Big Bites pizza, you're getting our mouth-watering pizza surrounded by cheese or mini-cheeseburger filled delights that can take pizza night from good to great."

Available for Dine-In, Delivery and Take-Away customers at all Pizza Hut outlets (except Express stores), the 'Eat it Backwards' Big Bites Pizza is a result of Pizza Hut's focus on innovation and growth; and is available until 15th February 2018 for just RO 4.750/- (Medium) RO 6.150/- (Large), with taxes as applicable.

To place your orders online, log on to or call: 24 822 500. To know more about their latest updates and interesting promotions visit Pizza Hut Oman's Facebook page

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