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292 volunteers donated blood at Khimji Ramdas Blood Drive 2018

Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas’ Social Development Arm, recently conducted its annual Ramadan Blood Donation Drive for the Holy month of Ramadanin collaboration with the Central Blood Bank of Oman, Ministry of Health at the Sheraton Oman Hotel in Muscat. Supported by company employees and their families ,the initiative serves Eshraqa’s core focus on healthcare as a key avenue of raising the quality of life for communities across the nation, helping to maintain blood reserves as a critical provision for local healthcare.

Commenting on the donation drive, Anil Khimji, Director of KhimjiRamdas, said, “Thinking of others and looking outwards is an important activity during the Holy Month.We thank all the people who voluntarily come forward and continue to support Eshraqa’s blood donation drive.. This year 292 staff accompanied by family members and friends donated blood.We further acknowledge the Blood Bank of Oman and the Ministry of Health for their dedicated efforts towards the care and treatment of local communities, notably their work to ensure that blood reserves remain ample and lives continue to be saved.”

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