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SPAR Oman Partner Dar Al Atta’a on ‘Food for All’ Campaign

Serving communities and families across the nation, SPAR Oman in partnership withDar Al Atta’arenewed its‘Food For All’ campaign. The food collection drive was recently conducted and was successful at an in-store event at all SPAR Oman’s outletsacross the Sultanate, and now the charity Organization began disseminating the goods to local communitiesin preparation for Eid’s celebration.

“For a third consecutive year SPAR Oman has the privilege of serving peoplethrough the ‘Food For All’ collection, aiding those who need it most during the Holy Month of Ramadan,” commentedSridhar Moosapeta,CEO of SPAR Oman. We are immensely pleased with this noble cause and partner with Dar Al Atta’a in a mutual demonstration of social responsibility. We are proud of the success we build upon the years; in addition this drivefurther gave us an opportunity to connect with the consumer marketthrough shared values andsociety’soverall commitmentto support local communities”.

Reputed as Oman’s most trusted supermarket brand, SPAR Oman has set up collection boxes inside all 26 of its stores. To enhance the convenience of the shopperssympathetic to the cause, SPAR Oman has further arranged charity packs with preferred food items for those accustomed to contributing food to charity.

DrShamsa Al Harthy, General Director of Dar Al Atta’a, extended thanks to SPAR Oman for their efforts, “SPAR Oman’s commitment to this initiative is admirable and of sincere value to local communities. We thank the team for renewing our partnership on this campaignand hope that it continues for many years to come”.

Commenting on the campagin, Devendra Kumar, General Manager of SPAR Oman, said “We thank our shoppers for the generous support and cooperation, It’s an important time of year were we help each other and reach out to support the society, we hope that we will we reached out to many people as possible through this campaign”.

The campaign requested Shoppers to donate long-life food products such as rice, flour, UHT milk, coffee, tea, wheat, cornflakes, cooking oil, dates, legumes, and other similar products used in daily cooking and no distributing them to people.

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