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Khimji Training Institute trains 110 Ibn Sina Pharmacy Employees on Personal Excellence

Muscat, 20 June 2018 – Ibn Sina Pharmacy LLC recently organized workshops on Personal Excellence for their Warehouse Team, which were delivered in partnership with Khimji Training Institute (KTI). A series of four sessions were conducted for employees working in IT, Transport, Logistics, and Administration. With over 110 staff in attendance from Muscat and Sohar, KTI received a diverse range of cultures and nationalities, with content delivered in English and Hindi by Nadeem Ahmed, with an Arabic language equivalent facilitated by Said Abdullazizi Elsisi.

The day began with participants sharing the challenges they face on both personal and professional fronts, followed by videos reinforcing the concept that “Challenge is an opportunity for positive change”. The importance of planning prior to taking action was highlighted through task management games, whilst other activities emphasized the importance of team work as a key performance driver in the workplace.

Leading the programme, Nadeem Ahmed, General Manager of Khimji Training Institute, said, “Limits exist only in our mind; almost anything that can be visualized becomes possible through determination and focused actions. Our learning outcomes during this workshop were centered on generating greater focus on self-improvement, setting personal goals, and taking responsibilities for one’s actions. These are important fundamentals if employees are to inspire positive change at the workplace”.

The interactive nature of the workshop ensured active participation from attendees. The management team from Ibn Sina stated that the idea of conducting platforms of this scale was to motivate employees and reinforce proactive behaviors that can contribute to their growth as employees.


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