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Eshraqa - Khimji Ramdas Supports Team Sumou Invention to Gold Medal in Malaysia - Muscat Daily - 29 July 2018

Muscat,29 July 2018 Khimji Ramdas’s Social Development Arm Eshraqa, supported Team Sumou which has become a source of pride in Oman, on winning a Gold medal in Malaysia’s 29th International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition. A team of Omani graduates competed against over 1,000 inventions from across the world with their ‘Smart Pharmaceutical System’, led by Salim Al Habsi and Mohammed Al Habsi.

Team Sumou’s fingerprint activated device provides a cutting-edge demonstration of how the Internet of Things is delivering simple solutions to overcome problems centred on human operation. The invention consists of an integrated mobile app and website, through which is helps to assist medical service providers and patients with appointments, prescriptions, scheduling medication.

Commenting on the team’s continued success, Nailesh Khimji, Director Khimji Ramdas, said, “We are immensely pleased with Team Sumou’s most recent triumph, the future is certainly looking bright for these young internationally known pioneers. Competing on a platform of that scale in a global hub for innovation is truly something for Oman to be proud of. At Khimji Ramdas we aim to support young innovators under Eshraqa’s education pillar ‘Learn’, which strives to provide them with access to facilities and opportunities where they can enhance and apply their talents in order to develop new prospects. On behalf of everyone at KR we congratulate the team and wish them the very best as they go forward with their invention.”

Prior to their trip to Malaysia’s capital, Team Sumou had a storm of success across the GCC whilst sponsored by Eshraqa. Whilst students at Sultan Qaboos University, the Al Habsi brothers participated in Kuwait’s International Exhibition of Inventions in the Middle East, where they took a Silver Medal, prior to proceeding another second place award from Oman’s Ministry of Sports Affairs ‘Injazatuna’.

On behalf of the team, Salem Al Habsy, said, “Years of hard work and dedication continue to pay off, and on behalf of the team I offer great thanks to all who have supported us on our journey, including Khimji Ramdas. The competition in Malaysia was the toughest competition we have faced to-date, moreover it was a great place to measure the viability of our product in both the local and the international market. As The Internet of Things is already being implemented in daily operations across the world, I hope that our product will come to be valued in Oman and benefit our target market.”

Held in Kuala Lumpur, ITEX 2018 strives to host a melting pot of ideas and inspiration, placing participants and visitors in an exciting hub of discovery and innovation. Commercialisation and marketability are primary objectives of the exhibition, bringing investors and inventors together in a celebration global event each year.

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