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Eshraqa Extends Support to Oman Paralympic National Team in Morocco

Muscat, 21 April 2019 – In preparation for the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships to be held in Dubai later on this year, Oman Paralympic National Team heads to Morocco to represent the Sultanate in the 4th International Athletics Meeting of Marrakech. Supported exclusively by Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas’ social development arm, The Omani delegation consisting of 16 members, including 9 athletes will be in Morocco between 22 and 29 April 2019, competing amongst peers from other countries to secure more places at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships.

Eshraqa highlights its commitment to catapult Oman’s successfully on the international sporting stage with its support to the Oman Paralympic National Team throughout their participations in the Sultanate and abroad.

Commending the athletes’ continued efforts and dedication to build their skills and competency to best represent the Sultanate, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas, said, “We are thrilled to see our national athletes participating in other international championships as they build their qualified team for the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships. We are confident that our team will come back victorious and we look forward to celebrating their triumphs on their return.”

The Omani athletes who are representing Oman in the 4th International Athletics Meeting of Marrakech are: Mohammed Al Qasmi, Fawzi Al Hubaishi, Mohammed Al Mashaykhi, Muhanna Awlad Thani, Imad Al Haji, Taha Al Harrasi, Qusai Al Rawahi, Sara Al Anburi, Raya Al Abri

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