Khimji Oman Heritage



A brief history

In 1870, a father and son set out on a voyage that they had made before. Merchants by profession, the duo would often sail from their hometown of Mandvi in Kutch on the Indian western seaboard to Zanzibar and from there to Muscat, Oman. They would sell and barter the goods they brought in at each port, which would then be sold at their next destination. However, this 1870 voyage was different.

Before setting sail, the father and son had decided the son would stay back at one of the ports where trade had been profitable, and hospitality had been gracious. The father was Ramdas Thackersay, the son was Khimji Ramdas, and the port was Oman. Little did they know that this decision would change the course of the simple trading that they practiced at the time to something far, far beyond.

In 1920, Khimji Ramdas retired, handing the reins of the business to his son Gokaldas. Steered by Gokaldas with the support of his siblings, most notably his youngest brother Mathradas, the company expanded into new areas of commerce and industry. Today, the name Khimji Ramdas represents a business house renowned for quality and integrity. Carried forward by the sons and daughters of Khimji Ramdas, the family business is now in its sixth generation, firmly grounded in its past with a visionary outlook for the future.

  • Khimji Ramdas

  • Gokaldas Khimji

  • Mathradas Khimji

  • Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji

Pic Credit : Chris Kutschera