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23 top-performing national employees of Khimji Ramdas to attend Supervisory Development Excellence workshop in Malaysia

Khimji Ramdas has enrolled 23 of its most competent National employees for a three-week leadership training programme in Malyasia following the success of the first workshop held last year. Commenting on the initiative, Nailesh Khimji said, "At Khimji Ramdas we prioritise investing in a strong and efficient Omani taskforce to mould them for higher roles within the company. We are always keen to sharpen the skills of our national employees through a variety of overseas training and management level programmes to ensure that they reach their full potential."

The workshop titled Supervisory Development Excellence Program -which is from January 6th to 28th - will include different sessions divided between physical fitness training, practical classes and field work classes, in addition to mentoring and tutoring.

"We believe we have chosen the right country for training and the right people to train our employees and educate them on the principles of management.We were amazed by the progress of the first batch and the fantastic results they achieved. This time around too we look up to our candidates to see the development and knowledge they attain, which is sure to provide them with the tools and knowledge to improve their personal lives and fulfill future goals." 

Over the last 13 years Khimji Ramdas has selected top performing national employees for various overseas training programmes on personal development, skills enhancement and personal effectiveness training. Employees have returned with better skills efficiencies and competence levels that have earned them higher posts within the organisation.

Commenting on the significance of the programme, Sivam S, Human Capital Management, and Khimji Ramdas, said, "The training programme is tailored to meet standards of excellence for leadership positions occupied by Omani employees. It is part of our initiatives to recruit, train and develop prospective national employees to assume leadership roles within the company."

Candidates from the second batch are confident that the programme will spur them on to reach greater heights within the organisation. Saif Juma Al Mabsali, Consumer Products Division, Khimji Ramdas, said, "I have been with Khimji Ramdas for 17 years, I thank the company for the opportunity to enhance my skills and career prospects."

Huda Al Ghafri, Accountant, Khimji Ramdas Head Office, who has been an employee at KR for seven years, said, "I thank Khimji Ramdas for giving me the opportunity to attend the training, this will help a lot in developing my skills."

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