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Eshraqa Khimji Ramdas International Scholars to pursue higher education in Canada

Two Khimji Ramdas International Scholars under the Takatuf program will now be pursuing their higher education at St. Michaels University School, Canada. Nailesh Khimji, Director, KR, awarded Rashid Al Abri and Narjis Al Dhuhli from Buraimi and Rustaq their six years scholarship.

Extending its commitment to the Takatuf programme offering scholarship for bright young Omani youth to study abroad, Nailesh Khimji said, "First I would like to congratulate the two bright, young minds who have been nominated for the Eshraqa Khimji Ramdas International Scholarship; they were selected from a very rigorous internal and external audit process. Education is one of the key pillars of Eshraqa; the other two are Health and Community Wellbeing. We are very passionate about supporting the dreams and aspirations of Oman's youth so that they can reach the zenith of their potential."

He added, "Eshraqa's education focus is to provide Omani youth with the best opportunities for higher education by giving them access to reputed institutions and academic programmes in Oman and abroad, such as through the Eshraqa Khimji Ramdas International Scholarships. We are also working at the grass-root level supporting government schools in enhancing their facilities in the Wilayats of Samail, Izki and Bid Bid."

The two students Rashid and Narjis will be pursuing their first two years of high school education out of the six years scholarship at St. Michaels University School, Canada. They were chosen from a crop of 16 highly motivated and capable students who were put through a system of rigorous training prior to selection.

Thanking Eshraqa for the opportunity, Rashid Al Abri said, "I would like to thank Eshraqa for making my dream of studying abroad come true. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I intend to make the most of it."

Nargis Al Dhuhli echoed the same sentiments saying, "I am indeed grateful to Eshraqa for believing in me and my aspirations to further my education. I promise to embrace the opportunity and apply myself diligently to the programme."

The Takatuf Scholarship Programme is part of Eshraqa's focus on developing the youth and the education sector in Oman. As the main sponsor of the scholarship, Eshraqa will finance two years of scholarship for these two Omani students to study at St. Michaels University School, Canada, after which they would be guided to gain admission in one of the leading colleges of the world for their next four years.

The Takatuf Scholarship programme was created to support the education goals of the most motivated and ambitious Omani youth to develop their skills for the 21st century. The programme marks the beginning of a life-long journey of learning for these students as it equips them with employability tools and how to use these effectively on their own. The scholarship is open to all students across the Sultanate who are put through a series of assessment tests which will determine whether or not they qualify.

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