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SPAR Oman’s Pure Super-Tonic 100% natural juices, an ideal diet choice during Ramadan!

As the Holy month of Ramadan begins SPAR Oman offers customers healthy options for staying fit and hydrated with its range of Pure Super-Tonic juice blends exclusively available at Selective SPAR outlets in Oman. A one hundred percent Omani product made up of Natural produce, the brand comprises a healthy mix of pure, preservative free fruits and vegetable juices that are conveniently packed and ready to use.

Commenting on how the product forms part of SPAR Oman's commitment to quality, Devandra Kumar, General Manager at SPAR Oman, said, "The fresh & natural juices are popular all over the world as people are becoming increasingly health conscious. We see great potential for the trend to catch on in Oman as well but we want to offer customers a quality product that is grown locally. Pure Super Tonic accomplishes that. At Pure, we truly believe that health is happiness. Our juice blends are one hundred percent fresh and provides our customers with the healthiest options for getting essential daily vitamins. It can be the ideal diet plan especially for those fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan since it helps replenish vital nutrients and aids detoxing. Even otherwise, filling your body with raw fruit and vegetables is one of the surest ways to stay vibrant and fit."

Sold in bottles of 500 ml, Pure Super Tonic juices are cold pressed for maximum nutrient absorption. It comes in five blends Fuel, Mean Green, Morning Glory, Motivate and Retreat packing a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals from carrots, oranges, celery, beets, spinach, bananas and a whole lot of other seasonal, locally, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

"Most people don't get their daily requirement of fruits and veggies. Pure Super Tonic not only makes this easier and more accessible, but it also allows the body to absorb the nutrients faster since there are no fibers for the body to digest. Regular intake of natural juices helps with detoxification by providing the body with nutrient rich food that allows it to detoxify and eliminate cumulative toxins," Mr Kumar added.

Here are few reasons why Pure Super Tonic is the ideal diet choice during the Holy month of Ramadan. The juice blends contain apples which are high in vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and phosphorous making them great source of energy. Carrots, cucumbers, celery are rich in folate, calcium and essential amino acids that once again help in recovery and hydration, provide energy and slow down aging.

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