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Eshraqa participates in recycling drive

Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas social development arm participated in a recent recycling drive as part of ongoing efforts to spread awareness and education on conserving the environment. The initiative was conducted by Muscat Daily; Eshraqa contributed to the campaign by crafting ten boxes and later deposited these at three locations for citizens to place newspapers for recycling.

Commenting on its participation, Nailesh Khimji, Eshraqa Director, said, "One of our chief missions is to promote environment conservation and, more importantly, garner public support for the cause. By playing a proactive role in campaigns that conserve the environment and its natural resources we also encourage eco-friendly habits. The response from the paper recycling initiative, for instance, showed us that an increasing number of people across Oman are waking up to important environmental issues and striving to do their bit in efforts for conservation."

Eshraqa branded boxes were placed at the Ministry of Education building, the Nizwa College of Technology and at the Khimji Residential Building on Rex Road as well as at the KR Head Office.

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