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Eshraqa, KR Social Development Arm, announces Ramadan contest winner

Eshraqa, KR Social Development Arm, announced the winner of its recently concluded Ramadan social media contest. The contest formed part of community and youth driven initiatives launched by Eshraqa directed at reaching out to Oman’s diverse cultural demographic.

Commenting on the contest Nailesh Khimji, Director - KR said, “Community well-being is one of the key pillars of Eshraqa; the other two are Education and Health. It has been our constant endeavor to engage with our local communities, understand their needs and empower them on a long-term basis. Social media is one of the most popular ways and a powerful tool to connect with the youth and community at large.”

Over 4,000 participants logged into the contest on all Eshraqa’s social media channels via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, eager to win the new iPhone7 at the end of the three-week competition run. All they had to do was post Ramadan greetings and tag three friends in their posts. The lucky winner was Shehab Hamad Al Salmi who was picked through a lucky draw at the close of the contest on instagram.

Thanking Eshraqa for the hosting such interactive events, Shehab Hamad Al Salmi said, “The contest was a lot of fun and it helped us connect with so many people. I am glad to be the lucky winner and wish to thank Eshraqa for the opportunity and for creating such an open platform for youth to communicate with one another. I am happy to understand that Eshraqa Ramadan contest gave us the chance to participate in a thematic contest”.

Eshraqa, KR Social Development Arm, continues to focus on empowering communities in Oman. Its various initiatives provide the necessary tools to develop the capabilities of society’s members by creating an appropriate environment to enhance productivity, creativity and standard of living. It accomplishes these socio-economic goals by working closely with not-for-profit associations as well as the government sector.

About Eshraqa

As a socially active and deeply-rooted Omani conglomerate, the Khimji Ramdas Group has built partnerships on a not-for-profit basis with public, societal and educational institutions through its Social Development Arm “Eshraqa”, by directing its efforts on vital sectors impacting the lives of the Omani Child, the Omani Youth and the Omani Women at large.

ESHRAQA – stands committed to serve the people of Oman on the three key pillars of Education (Eshraqa Learns), Health (Eshraqa Heals) & Community Wellbeing (Eshraqa Cares).

The mission of Eshraqa is to build the National Talent Pool by enhancing Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities, Support higher Health standards by contributing to Research & Medical Infrastructure, Raise the Quality of Life of local communities through initiatives in Women Empowerment, Culture, Sports etc. and Partner with Social Service Organizations supporting challenged individuals.

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