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Eshraqa Engages community through Social Media

Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas Social Development Arm, has been making a difference in the lives of the Omani people since its inception as a dedicated CSR entity devoted to society and the community. Its initiatives have steadily been gaining reach and impact with the organisation's growing social media presence. Eshraqa has a combined following of nearly 3,000 followers who are involved in community services spread across its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts since they were launched in March this year.

Commenting on the significance of social media in creating much needed awareness for the association's activities, Nailesh Khimji, Director - Khimji Ramdas said, "In this digital age social media plays a critical role in creating awareness, enabling dialogue and engaging the community in activities that initiate positive change. We have been able to facilitate all of this through our social media pages for Eshraqa. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages help convey a greater impact for our strong social message and, indeed, the very philosophy of Eshraqa – which is to enrich lives by creating sustainable and self-reliant communities. Our social media pages highlight the core values that embody Eshraqa and that underpin its three key pillars of – Education, Health and Community Wellbeing. Fans and followers gain better insight into our endeavours in these three key focus areas through regular interactions."

He added that while the main objective of Eshraqa is to support and improve the lives of local communities, the CSR outfit also aspires to enrich lives, improves public infrastructure and medical healthcare facilities. It does so by working closely with government sectors and social-work organizations to implement plans for change and progress.

"We are proud of the support we have provided to the Omani community in sectors like health, education and community wellbeing. It is our way of giving back to the community that has played a major role in the company's achievements since its inception and contributed to its growth over the years. Social responsibility in the group is a genuine value that we embrace and impart across all levels of management and staff; the achievements and successes we have attained through our CSR initiatives have left a positive impression on society," he added.

Eshraqa three key pillars – Education (Eshraqa Learns); Health (Eshraqa Heals) and Community Wellbeing (Eshraqa Cares) are part of its social welfare focus under which it has accomplished massive initiatives. Eshraqa vision is to build the nation's talent pool by enhancing knowledge, skills and capabilities, support higher Health standards by contributing to research & medical infrastructure, raise the quality of life of local communities through initiatives in Women's Empowerment, Culture, Sports etc. and Partner with Social Service Organizations supporting differently-able members of society.

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