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Eshraqa inks training and development MOU with OPAL

Eshraqa , Khimji Ramdas Social Development Arm, and Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) have entered into an MoU (memorandum of understanding) to fulfill the nation's training and development needs. The initiative will be implemented by the Khimji Training Institute in association with Eshraqa and OPAL and comes in response to the country's need for building its capacities in the area of national capital development. The MoU was signed by Nailesh Khimji and Musallam Al Mandhari.

Commenting on the project, Nailesh Khimji, Director – KR said, "We are honoured to be collaborating with OPAL to supply the country's labour force with crucial training and development tools. The initiative is a key focus area under Eshraqa's founding pillar of Education. Our social development arm has established successful partnerships, in public, social and educational spheres, on a not-for-profit basis with the aim of developing the Omani community, inspire its youth and empower women to make valuable contributions to the economy."

Thanking Eshraqa for the collaboration on the training project, Mr. Musallam Al Mandhari – CEO – Oman Society for Petroleum Services, said, "We thank the KR Group, Eshraqa and the Khimji Training Institute for collaborating with us on this important project. It will go a long way in building the capabilities of the country's manpower resources in accordance with the requirements of its employment sector. The project is in line with OPAL's key objectives for human capital development. Our own training and HRD module focusses on targeted training that enhances competence and work efficiency to supply the country's labour market with a talented and skilled workforce."

According to the MoU, the focus of the collaboration will target key interventions in the area of National Human Capital Development in the following areas – Training for Employment, Training for Development and Training for Leadership. Under training for employment, candidates will be enrolled in Vocational Training ranging from four to six months with employment at any of OPAL's member organisations on completing their education at the School or College level.

The programme's Training for Development will offer 100 complimentary seats for Management Development Programmes and International Certification over a two to four-day course for Omani nationals working at OPAL and its member concerns. There are also 10 seats for career development programmes extending six to eight months for all Omani nationals employed at OPAL or its member companies.

The Leadership Academy programme will focus on developing decision making and leadership skills among Omani nationals working at OPAL and organizations that are OPAL members.

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