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Eshraqa donates Vital-Signs monitors and furniture to the Sumail General Hospital

(Muscat, 27 Sep 2017): Continuing itsstrong support to improve the health infrastructurein theSamailWilayat, Eshraqa – KhimjiRamdas Social Development Armdonated Vital-Signs monitors to the hospital's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit(PICU) along with 60 pieces of furnitureincluding attendant couch, Bedside cabinet stand, Drawers, Bedtable for care givers at the Sumail General Hospital, as part of its larger objective to supplement government initiatives on healthcare.

The contribution adds to the list of Eshraqa's initiatives as part of its Health focus – one of the founding pillars of the CSR department's three major focus areas that also include Educational CommunityWellbeing.

Among the dignitaries present at the event were Sheikh Majid BinKhalifa Al Harthi - Wali of Samail,Dr. Ali Al AmorDhawi,DirectorGeneral of Medical Services for DakhiliyaGovernrate, Abdul Kareem bin Surur Al Jabri, Member of Municipal Council, Wiliyat of Samail,Dr. Yaqoubbin Nasser Al Nadabi, the officer in charge of Samail Hospital, along with NaileshKhimji, Director of KhimjiRamdas and Eshraqa&Samail pediatric department team members.

Commenting on the contribution, NaileshKhimji, Director, KR, said, "We are honoured to be assisting the Sumail General Hospital in its endeavours to provide quality healthcare to the people of Sumail. It forms part of social development initiatives and a key objective under Eshraqa's Health focus, which aims to help people gain access to expert healthcare and medical facilities."

Thanking KR for its support, Dr.Yacoubbin NasserAl Nadabi the officer in charge of Samail Hospital, said, "We are grateful to Eshraqa for contributing towards the hospital's facilities so that we can provide better patient care. Eshraqa has been assisting us in our efforts to enhance the quality of care we give to our patients especially when it comes to expanding the hospital's amenities."

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