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Eshraqa Welcomes Home Young Heroes from Regional Environmental Speaking Competition

Muscat, 27 December 2018: Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas’ social development arm, recently welcomed home the young heroes it helped in their preparations for representing Oman on the international stage at Dubai’s regional finals of the Inter-College Environmental Public Speaking Competition. Held on 27-28th November 2018, the contest saw four out of five teams from Muscat hail victorious following their success in the local chapter and continued training at Khimji Training Institute (KTI) in Muscat.

Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas, said, “Eshraqa dedicates its focus on education as a core driver of Oman’s continued progress on many fronts, including environmental conservation as a critical foundation for community wellbeing, another of our principal concerns. Our training pedagogy has unlocked experiential learning opportunities for the youth, enriching students to undertake careers committed to excellence in their respective fields. We congratulate all the participants for their fortitude and excellence; there is no doubt that those who stood on-stage in Dubai will come forward to play a significant role in the nation’s environmental and economic progress following the completion of their studies”.

Nadeem Ahmed, General Manager of Khimji Training Institute, commented, “This was an outstanding success for young Omani talent, who have been reminded of what is possible based on the merits of hard work, focus, continued learning and skill building. We applaud all for their participation and competitive spirit, moreover their absolute success against peers from across the Middle East. We are glad to have assisted through capacity building sessions at KTI, focusing on soft skills including critical aspects of public speaking, presentation, and verbal communication. It is important to advance talent at all ages and enhance fundamental skill sets that deliver positive change and increased performance across the national workforce”.

Teams from Sultan Qaboos University, A’Sharqiya University, and Higher College of Technology attended the regional finals in Dubai, speaking on a range of topics, including the following titles: ‘Sustainable Built Environment: Are We Achieving It?’; ‘The Impact of Fashion and Makeup Industry on the Environment’; ‘The Future of Agriculture in the Middle East’; and ‘The Impact of Wars on the Environment’.n Team ‘Synergy’ from the Higher College of Technology offered a statement as the winners of the competition, “It is incredible to be in this position and to have honoured our home country. We have come a long way and wish to thank everybody for their support, including Eshraqa and Khimji Training Institute for their support”.

Claiming second place in Dubai, team ‘Kaizen from A’Sharqiya University said, “As a team we are proud of our achievement, representing the best of youth in public speaking from the Sultanate of Oman, based on our commitment and the investments made by supporters, including KTI, a training centre dedicated to transforming people through growth in a number of different skill sets”.

The seventh local chapter of the annual contest saw 21 colleges battle it out in discussion of environmental affairs before identifying the aforementioned teams as regional finalists, where ‘Bunnia’ took third place on the podium, representing Sultan Qaboos University, alongside ‘Green Footprints’ in joint-third.

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