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Pizza Hut introduces Crown Crust Pizza: The Taste That Rules

What is your favourite part of the pizza? It's not usually the crust! Well, this season get ready to be surprised.

Oman's favourite casual dining restaurant, Pizza Hut has introduced Crown Crust Pizza; the newest pizza innovation from the Oman Restaurant Awards winner. It is a truly regal treat that looks like a crown, with 12 large succulent meat and cheese balls studded around the edge of the crust of a large pizza - hence the name Crown Crust!

The lip-smacking Crown Crust Pizza comes in 3 crust varieties; meatballs, cheese balls, or a combination of meatballs and cheese balls with your choice of toppings. As usual, Pizza Hut has ensured that only the best quality ingredients go into preparing this regal treat. The finest cheese Philadelphia Cream cheese from Kraft Foods has been used to prepare the cheese balls in the Crown Crust Pizza. This special edition pizza is priced similar to Stuffed Crust Pizza.

"The Crown Crust Pizza is actually an occasion for the entire family. And there's a Meal Deal on Crown Crust Pizza as well," said Vivek Pande, CEO, Khimji Lifestyle Division. Every Pizza Hut outlet will also have a special treat waiting for children, with good times, games, drawing & colouring activities, and even a pair of flavoured drinks named Prince and Princess.

"At Pizza Hut, people get together, build relationships and create good memories while sharing great food; and this season there is a grand treat to share with loved ones in the delectable Crown Crust Pizza. Surely, it's the taste that rules," added Anil Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas.

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