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Khimji Ramdas Group Exerts Sincere Efforts in Recruiting and Training Omanis

Muscat, May (ONA) —-The Private sector’s institutions have reaffirmed its support for the government's efforts to recruit job-seeker and qualify Omani youth for leadership positions in the Omani market.

Khimji Ramdas Group is one of the companies that have been exerting sincere and significant efforts in recruiting, training and qualifying the Omani youth.

​Pankaj Khimji, Board Member of Khimji Ramdas Group, said that the Group continues its efforts in the recruitment process by employing Omanis in various fields of secondary and university degree holders, offering training programs for employees within the Sultanate and training programs coupled with employment in partnership with the public sector and training programs outside the Sultanate for the Omani staff annually to develop their skills and capabilities.

He added that in the past years, the group has recruited 2,000 Omani male and female citizens in various divisions in the Group's subsidiaries, including logistics, infrastructure, construction, consumer products and services (insurance, travel and tourism). In 2018, the group recruited 100 Omani employees, while during the first quarter of this year, it recruited 45 Omanis.

He pointed out that in 2018, the company trained 42 Omanis (holding diploma and bachelor degrees) at Khimji Training Institute for four months in the Sultanate and three weeks in Malaysia. The aim of these programs is to develop the skills of employees and raise their efficiency and abilities at work. He further explained that the company strongly believes and is committed to continuous training and upskilling of its employees through the Khimji Training Institute, both inside and outside the company. The company also provides a training program outside the Sultanate, as it trained 279 employees in India and Malaysia.

Khimji Ramdas Group offers many advantages and facilities for Omani employees such as annual bonus according to performance, annual salary increase, estimated at more than 5%, in addition to Ramadan service and salaries during events regardless of ministerial decisions

The company also provides life insurance (up to RO 20,000), a clinic, health coverage, soft premiums, discounts on employee car insurance, simple loans for employees without interest, free meals for staff and maternity leave (60 days plus annual leave), as well as organizing annual staff activities.

In the field of training, he elaborated that the company has trained more than 3000 through the Khimji Training Institute in the last one and a half year alone. The Khimji Training Institute offers a variety of programs in information technology, mathematics, English and management development, through its affiliation with international institutes offering professional certificates, that enable trainees to avail opportunities in the job market. A majority of the training programs are carried out with the Ministry of Manpower, and are also funded by Eshraqa, the Corporate Social Responsibility Arm of Khimji Ramdas, which aims to develop capabilities of the youth in the society.

It should be noted that Khimji Ramdas' Omanisation Skills Program is an important part of the company's Omanization strategy in its business as well as the main contribution to the development of the national workforce. The beneficiary of the program is officially accredited by the UK's leading skills development organization, certified qualification from the Omani Ministry of Manpower under the title "Principles of Business Administration". It is part of a process of partnership with the public sector, providing various training modules in a bid to develop skills and abilities of citizens in partnership with the Ministry of Manpower, particularly training students of the universities and colleges coupled with employment for Omanis.

Ayman bin Mohammed bin Amer Al-Batashi, Communications and Projects Executive at Khimji Ramdas, a beneficiary from KR's long term training and development initiative said that the training program had a positive impact on the development of his skills and abilities in terms of mathematics, account, computer skills and business management. He pointed out that the training program was set in order to raise the level of employees and develop their competence to have an important role in raising productivity in the company and providing sections of the company with young cadres able to take responsibility in the work.

Mariam bint Mohammed bin Khamis Al-Esaei, Office Coordinator, Khimji Ramdas Group another beneficiary said: "The principles of business management program has established the principles of work in the company. The program included important topics that focused on raising the level of knowledge of employees. She explained that the training course in Malaysia was a very useful course. She took a great advantage in managing time and dealing with work pressure, working as a team in the work environment, leadership, decision making, communication inside and outside the company and problem-solving.

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