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Eshraqa – Khimji Ramdas Hands Out 11,000 Foodstuff Boxes across the Nation

Muscat, 28 Apr. 20: As the holy month of Ramadan commences, Eshraqa – the Social Development Arm of Khimji Ramdas concludes delivery and distribution of more than 11,000 Ramadan boxes to under-privileged families across Oman. These boxes contain essential foodstuff with the aim to assist these families through the month of fasting.

Due to the current situation of the COVID19 outbreak, various charity teams and voluntary associations volunteered in the distribution process side by side with Eshraqa – KR members. These teams include Sanobader Liajlekum, Samail Charity Team, Ibri Charity Team, Bethrh Khair Voluntary, Al Noor Association for the Blind, Ihsaan Association, Jalan Charity Team, Takaful Social Fund, the Omani Association for the Hearing Impaired, the Omani Association for the Disabled.

Praising the efforts of the charity teams, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas said, “Ramadan is the time to reflect, share and care for people from all walks of life. The act of giving is deeply rooted in our traditions. We are extremely thankful to the charity teams and volunteers who came forward and assisted us during these unprecedented times to reach all areas within the Sultanate. They are the true champions who serve our community and we are honoured to work with them. Our Eshraqa Foodstuff boxes are meant for the needy sections of society especially during the holy month of fasting while staying safe at their homes.”

Thanking the efforts of Eshraqa, Sheikh Mohammed Al Ghabshi, Wali of Wilayat Al Amerat said, “There is no doubt that Eshraqa is a humane initiative because it has considered people’s needs and their living conditions; especially those who are going through difficult times because of the current situation of COVID-19 outbreak. The procedures that they have taken to mitigate its impacts on the society are commendable. Wilayat Al Amerat has benefited from Eshraqa’s initiative through getting foodstuff boxes, which were distributed, to the underprivileged families. We thank Eshraqa for setting an example for the betterment and prosperity of the society.”

Daood Sulieman Al Shidi, Supervisor of Oman Association for the Disabled, Sohar Branch added, “We appreciate and value Eshraqa’s generous support year on year for the Oman Association for the Disabled, most notably during the holy month of Ramadan. The lesser-privileged families in the Wilayat of Sohar welcome this aid. Since the country is going through a novel situation because of Covid-19 outbreak, all communities are obliged to work together towards helping those people who are affected. Eshraqa has always been the pioneer for such noble causes and provided essential support to communities in various Wilayats across the Sultanate.

Ali Salim Al Jabri, Shura Council Member, Wilayat Muscat said, “We express our gratitude for the big role that has been played by Khimji Ramdas before the start of the holy month Ramadan through its Social Development Arm, Eshraqa. Every year, Eshraqa takes this massive initiative to bring smiles across the Sultanate. Wilayat Muscat was allocated 300 boxes annually, but the number has increased to 700 boxes this year due of the current exceptional circumstances that our country is going through caused by Covid-19 outbreak which has led to the lockdown within all areas in Wilayat Muscat.”

Over the years, Eshraqa has spread optimism and hope through its various community outreach initiatives. Eshraqa reaffirms its profound commitment for positive social change through its pillars of Education, Health, Community Wellbeing and Training.