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Eshraqa Provides Electric Wheelchairs to SQU Students

Muscat, 15 December 2019 – Continually working towards a better future for the differently-abled; Eshraqa, the social development arm of Khimji Ramdas recently donated 7 electric wheelchairs to the students of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) at an event held to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, promoted by the United Nations. This initiative stems from Eshraqa’s ethos to support people from all walks of life to become more productive and independent, regardless of their physical constraints.

Commenting on the occasion, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas, said, “Eshraqa believes that influencing positive change within society is the fundamental way of supporting progress and growth. Students with disabilities deserve the opportunity to be mobile and live their lives freely and we hope this contribution will address their needs allowing them to direct their energy and resources towards their education that will lead them to gainful employment. Ultimately, this will lead them to achieve their dreams while becoming strong contributing members of the society.”

Highlighting the significance of this momentous support, Widad Al Hashmi, Head of Disabled Students’ Affairsat SQU said, “To coincide with the International Day of Disabled Persons and confirm our continuous support to the differently-abled students at SQU, we are very pleased with the generous support from Eshraqa – Khimji Ramdas in providing 7 electrical wheelchairs for our students. The wheelchairs will surely help the students move easily and support them in their daily activities inside and outside the university. We thank Eshraqa for its continuous support to the Disabled Students’ Affairs department in particular and the disabled students at SQU in general”.

Over the years, Eshraqa continues to reach out to the community with initiatives that re-affirm and reintegrate differently-abled individuals into mainstream life. Eshraqa spreads optimism and hope through its four pillars of Education, Health, Community Wellbeing and Training. This initiative falls under the pillar of community well-being that is committed to supporting the society with the aim to empower people from different walks of life through assistance and support that promotes economic, social and environmental development in a sustainable manner within the Sultanate of Oman.