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Khimji Ramdas’ animated short film for Eshraqa delivers the Message of Hope and Solidarity

Bringing smiles across thousands of faces across the nation, Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas Social Development Arm concluded its annual Ramadan journey by distributing over 11,000 foodstuff boxes during the COVID19 pandemic, across the Sultanate with the brave and timely help of its volunteers, charitable organisations and local support teams.

To inspire people and especially pay tribute to volunteers who are the real heroes behind the effort; Khimji Ramdas has created a short animated film titled – The Ramadan Boxes. The film is about Eshraqa Al Ajeeba, the mascot of the company who gives purpose to boxes by loading them with essential foodstuff that can be used by the needy. This video can be found viewed at Eshraqa_Oman on Instagram or YouTube channel of Khimji Ramdas.

Shedding light on this special animation film role, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas said, “Our purpose during the holy month of Ramadan is to ensure relief and support to our communities in every possible way. We are truly blessed to continue with the KR legacy of standing strong with our community during these times of need. Eshraqa Ramadan box film is our way of saying thanks to all those who are ready to support and reach out to those who need help..”

“This animation video pays a tribute to the real heroes, our volunteers, who have bravely travelled to every corner of Oman to bring happiness into the lives of many. We express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the volunteers with this film and salute them for their magnanimous efforts during this unprecedented time. The video is for every person who wants to or already has helped selflessly and come together for the common goal of a better tomorrow for our beloved nation. Together we are stronger, bolder, and greater.” He added.

Ayman Mohammed Ali Hamza, CSR Lead for Eshraqa said, “The film is about boxes in a land far away, at the crossroads of dream and magic. The boxes don’t seem to have a clear purpose in life, Eshraqa Al Ajeeba (the wondrous one), sees an advertisement while shopping at a grocery store and wants to help the boxes find meaning and repurpose their life. She makes them understand how important it is to support communities in need and bring joy all around them.”

This video was developed as a 3D animation to bring the characters to life and reinforce the messaging in a memorable and endearing manner. The film also highlights Eshraqa’s continued efforts to serve the community. Since its inception, Eshraqa has conducted several campaigns in the form of donations and food drives to foster resilient and self-reliant communities. These initiatives have had a lasting impression on the development of our country.