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Khimji Ramdas’ Eshraqa 2019 Calendar celebrates Oman Paralympic Superstars

Muscat, 23 January 2019:. The Khimji Ramdas’ Eshraqa calendar 2019 is a tribute to Oman’s Paralympic sporting heroes who have made the nation proud through their consistent performance at the national and international stage. Comprising the start of the conglomerate’s celebration of Oman’s sporting heroes the calendar release will soon see activities undertaken in the way of honoring those who have overcome disabilities to attain greatness.

Commenting on the announcement, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas, said, “Eshraqa Khimji Ramdas annual calendars celebrate the people of Oman and their accomplishments and reiterates its focus on community wellbeing, which we are investing in by highlighting those who have achieved incredible feats that unquestionably empower others to build a vibrant future for themselves. By placing the outstanding abilities of Oman’s Paralympic Team under the spotlight we further our support for this cadre of athletes as a benchmark for any aspiring sportsperson across the nation”.

Eshraqa sponsored Oman’s Paralympic Team at the 2018 Tunis World Para Athletics Grand Prix Series in Tunisia where they qualified for the Asian Para Games in Jakarta. Oman’s national team qualified for Indonesia’s continental championship following a storm of success, bagging 12 medals in competition against athletes from 20 countries in North Africa.

Headded, “Eshraqa’s focus on health is also central to its continued promotion and sponsorship of the team amidst their competitive aspirations. We have a successful history in sponsoring high-potential athletes and believe in their endeavours as the root of inspiration for youth living healthier lifestyles with more active agendas in a time of severe need. Like our paralympians we hope to defy the odds and pave the way for greater success”.

The calendar 2019, which was released in an event at the Café Vergnano 1882 at Madinat Qaboos highlighted one athlete each month, commencing January 2019 with Ali Al Ghaseeni, a player of Wheelchair Basketball, followed by Ghalya Al Jabri, a Discus Thrower, Fawzi Al Hubaishi, a Javelin Thrower, Sara Al Anburi, a Shot Put athlete, Taha Al Harrasi, a 100 Metre Sprinter, Yunes Al Tubi, a player of Wheelchair Basketball, Jasim Al Nahdi, a Goal Ball competitor, Mohammed Al Mashaykhi, a Club Thrower, Shaikha Al Hammadi, a Shot Put athlete, Qusai Al Rawahi, a Long Jumper, Qais Al Nasri, a Goal Ball competitor, Talib Al Balushi, a Discus Thrower, and Ali Al Ghafri, a player of Wheelchair Basketball.

Eshraqa recently rejoiced at the success of Oman’s Paralympic Team, which under the organisation’s sponsorship bagged five medals in a record-breaking display of national talent in Jakarta. Leading and supporting the team in their preparations and performance was Dr Mansour Sultan Al Touqi, President of Oman’s Paralympics Committee, Rahma Al Hajriya, a Jury Member on the Ministry of Sports’ Paralympic Committee, Sonia Hussein and Abdullah Al Anbari as team coaches, supported by Asaad Al Karni and Aouf Al Mamari in the capacity of Assistant Coach, as well as Physiotherapist Hani al Shamakhi.

Eshraqa’s annual calendar initiative continues to diversify its thematic engagement of prominent groups, figures, and assets to inspire positive change in local communities. Over the years it has covered social media influencers, aspects of local culture and heritage, such as musical instruments, children, sports, local style and fashion, fine art, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, social change, photography, and the blessed renaissance under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said.