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Khimji Ramdas Launches its 5th Edition of Leadership Trainee Programme in Malaysia

Muscat, 7 October 2019: In its continuous endeavor to ensure leadership excellence among Omani youth, Khimji Ramdas (KR) recently launched another edition of the Leadership Training Programme for its employees. 24 employees from the various business verticals of KR will undergo 3-week training in Malaysia. The course will guide staff members to develop critical leadership competencies and accelerate mastery of true business fundamentals. KR has tailored a world-class leadership development program that further equips its future leaders with specific skills, tools and behaviours that will drive personal and organisation performance.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a training certificate co-endorsed by Lincoln University College, Malaysia. The training certificate holds significant academic value, allowing the deserving staff members to further pursue their education if they wish to do so.

Commenting on the initiative, Hritik Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas praised the mettle of the participating staff, he said, “We are extremely proud of our talented staff and hope they take advantage of the course and gain further skills from this course. Our aim is to augment our staff skillset and we hope they put to good use the abilities acquired from the training within their departments. As an organisation committed to the benefit of our employees, we will continue to fuel their hopes and aspirations of growth and success.”

Talking to the participants, Mohamed Al Abdali, HR Manager at Khimji Ramdas, explained to the employees that the course wasn’t only about understanding theoretical concepts but had various activities that would add value to the learning process. He explained, “The wealth of KR is our people who are the future of the company and we continue to invest in deserving employees who have excellent potential.”

Faiza Rashid Al Fora from KR Building Materials division said, “I am thankful to KR for this opportunity for learning. This programme will help me make the right business decisions and career choices.”

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Another promising employee, Musabah Mohammed Al Riyami from the Engineering Products & Services Division, expressed his happiness on being selected, he said, “I am excited to build on my educational foundation. I thank KR for seeing potential in me and trusting me with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Ghanim Salim Sarhan Al Maqbali from the Furniture & Interiors Division said, “This is a brilliant prospect for all KR staff that wish to enhance their education and learn various new business management techniques. We all remain extremely grateful and will continue to work hard to attain our dreams.”

Furthermore, Abeer Saeed Al Hattali from the Luxury & Lifestyle Division expressed his happiness at the endeavours for the progress of staff members, he said, “Not only is KR furthering our educational prowess but they offer us comprehensive learning with international standards. I am very grateful for this chance.”

Since its inception, KR continues to work towards a cohesive and professional work environment. The company has consistently provided trainings and other development opportunities to its employees which not only advances their careers but also develops personal and interpersonal strengths in each individual. This progressive mind-set has propelled KR to achieve greater accomplishments in the business landscape retaining an effective and productive national team.