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KR Eshraqa facilitates school books distribution in Al Dhakhalyia Governorate

As part of its ongoing efforts to support Oman’s education sector and create a seamless learning experience for students, Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas’ Social Development Arm, recently presented packages to students of Standard 1-4 in Al Dhakhliya Governorate schools. The gesture was aimed at facilitating the process of distributing books to students and enriching their knowledge with awareness messages, as part of the kits presented to them.

The launch of the initiative took place in Shams Al Nahda School in the wilayat of Nizwa in the presence of The Directorate-General of Education, in the Al Dhakhliya Governorate, and Arafat Yasser Al Hinai, Regional General Manager of Khimji Ramdas’. The General Directorate of Education in the governorate launched the initiative as a first phase, benefiting 43,000 students, with plans to reach out to other schools in the near future.

Speaking of this gesture, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas said: “We believe in the importance of supporting the national education sector and enhance the learning process of students by providing the necessary tools for them to excel and flourish in their studies. Our goals are in line with the national priorities that aim to create an environment of continuous improvement that can lead the Sultanate toward a brighter future. We will continue to mentor and support initiatives that deliver value and develop the potential of human resources in our beloved country.”

Appreciating this noteworthy contribution, The Directorate-General of Education in the Al Dhakhliya Governorate said: “We are pleased with this contribution from Eshraqa. This gesture reflects the organization’s commitment to adding value to the lives of the people of Oman and supporting the communities it operates in. We commend Eshraqa’s ongoing efforts as the partnership between the private and the public sector to support education is pivotal to achieve overall development and create a skilled and well-educated generation.”

Eshraqa, the Social Development Arm of Khimji Ramdas Group, strives to contribute to the development of local communities through its four pillars – Education, Health, Community Wellbeing, and Training. Since its inception, Eshraqa has embarked on providing a plethora of effective initiatives in various fields in partnership with public, societal, and educational institutes. The aim of the initiatives is to support the development of society, ultimately creating a sustainable and bright future for the people of Oman.