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KR Group Celebrates Omani Women’s Day

Khimji Ramdas Group (KR Group), Oman’s reputable corporate, celebrated Omani Women’s Day at the KR Infra campus in Ghala as part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion in its workforce. The event themed ‘Zahia – the flourish of womanhood’ was a shining example of the company’s efforts to develop and support Omani women encouraging them to excel in their fields and rise to a high level of global competitiveness. The occasion was a grand affair, with 160 women in attendance, alongside KR Group directors and the senior management, women-owned SME businesses, and esteemed guests from various sectors, making the event memorable.

As part of the celebrations held on October 20, a powerful speech was delivered by His Excellency Pankaj Khimji, Director, KR Group, emphasizing the role of women in the organisation and commending their contributions and fruitful efforts to push the organisation’s growth and culture forward. Women from different walks of life spoke about their success stories and life trials and tribulations, allowing the audience to hear their experiences firsthand. Participation included fashion mogul Ashwaq Abdullah Al Sinani, KR Group’s Hanan Sabeel Al Balushi, Hanifa Rahi Al Balushi, and Ahlam Mohamed Murad Al Raisi, accompanied by an awe-inspiring performance by Omani violinist Tahira Jamal to conclude the celebration. The event also served as a space for local women-owned SMEs to set up and display their products for the audience, as well as a live portrait painting of the exhibition done by two renowned Omani artists.

Expressing her gratitude for the efforts and contributions Omani women have achieved across a variety of sectors and fields, Kanan Khimji, Director of KR Group, said, “His late Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – may he rest in peace – has dedicated October 17 to the Omani women whose loyalty and perseverance pushed this great nation forward. Omani women are set for excellence wherever they are; their hard work and contribution across corporate and societal spheres are magnificent. KR Group believes in setting an inclusive framework for our workplaces to empower women, and everyone, to strive and lead. Our various training and management programs will continue setting the bar higher to champion equal opportunity.”

“Her Highness the Honourable Lady Assayida Ahad Abdullah Hamed Al Busaidi is leading the way in highlighting the significant role Omani women play and have played throughout the nation’s history, whether in the workplace, in culture, or society. I also want to express my gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik for his wise leadership, and role in empowering the women of this country and supporting Oman’s newer generation of powerful women. This has allowed them to play a significant role in the sustainable growth of the nation’s economy and across all sectors, making their presence felt local, regionally, and internationally.” she added.

The Khimji Ramdas Group places great value on its people and strongly believes in empowerment and equal opportunity through regular training programs, workshops, and ongoing investments in its workforce. The company is laying the foundation for and giving its employees – both men and women, the tools they need to become leaders in their fields.