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KR Group Marine Solutions partners with Asyad Drydock to build Oman’s first Indigenous Marine Vessel

The KR Group, through its Marine Solutions business, has partnered with Asyad Drydock to build vessels in the modern shipbuilding and repairs facility in Duqm, Oman. A full-fledged service company specialized in the design and construction of harbor-related infrastructures in addition to ship repair and maintenance, Khimji Ramdas Marine Solutions under the KR infrastructure cluster has grown rapidly since its inception in 2005. Undertaking its maiden project, the team has successfully built a 15m multi-cat vessel “Hulm Al Behar” which has become the first marine vessel to be built in Asyad Drydock.

“The delivery of the first local project is indeed a defining moment in our growing partnership. This is indeed a monumental achievement for the KR Group Marine Solutions, together with Asyad Drydock, and this accomplishment will be the start of many new opportunities. While we are still celebrating the launch of the first-ever modern ship built in Oman, ‘Hulm Al Behar’, our focus will continue to remain on the growth and expansion capabilities while contributing to the nation’s economy. We have also commenced the building of our second vessel “MEFK Pearl”, a 24.0m High-Speed Aluminum crew boat, to facilitate anchorage support services in Port of Fujairah,” said Hritik Khimji, Director, of the Khimji Ramdas Group.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nadhairi, Chief Executive Officer of Asyad Shipping and Drydock, stated that “We are proud of this achievement. Building the first modern ship with international standards demonstrates the world-class services and operations provided by the Drydock and it is a pivotal milepost for the logistics sector in Oman.”

Al-Nadhairi pointed out that, fulfilling our obligations towards our local and global partners and customers, in a safe, fast, and innovative manner indicates that Asyad Group continues implementing its global strategy and achieving its future aspirations, offering integrated logistics services and solutions.

He also added that the completion of ‘Hulm Al Behar’, is a testament to Asyad Group’s empowerment of national talent. This Project has been a significant opportunity for investing in the development of our Omani talent in various engineering and managerial disciplines, and for providing Oman with a qualified human capital capable of leading and sustaining construction operations in the field of maritime services and industries.

With a vision to showcase Oman’s capabilities on the world stage, as a nation equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and skills to construct its own vessels, this partnership also opens up opportunities to build and export marine vessels from Oman.

“We are honored to partner with Asyad Drydock for building ships and vessels in Oman for the very first time. The launch of the 15m multi-cat vessel in Oman’s water in Duqm is the start of many more accolades for the teams. The vessel is the product of the untiring efforts of both our teams to deliver world-class vessels built at the Drydock facility, second to none in the world,” said Ravi Kumar Dhulipala, Chief Operating Officer, Khimji Ramdas – Infrastructure Cluster.

Khimji Ramdas Infrastructure cluster, through its Marine Solutions business is committed to meet the growing demand for building marine vessels and maintenance capabilities to cater to a regional as well as a global market. The launch of the unique shallow draft, modular, truckable workboat (Multicat) will assist in dredging and marine construction works. This machine is capable of anchor handling, towing, and mooring installation, including inspection, maintenance, and other repair-related works. The twin-engine, twin-hull multi-cat class approved vessel built in a record time of five months is a significant milestone. Mirroring the same vision, the coordination and cooperation between the teams will deliver world-class products on the platform of proven designs.

In response to the growing demand for harbors and port related construction activities, maintenance of dredging in fishery harbors, and the consequent need for specialized, marine construction vessels, KR Group Marine Solutions has strategically acquired several marine vessels and equipment to enhance its capability and capacity to secure key marine projects along the coast of Oman.

The KR Group acknowledges the efforts of all stakeholders of Asyad Drydock & KR Marine Solutions and with the joint capabilities will build all types of vessels, from multi-cat, crew boats, fishing vessels, barges to floating pontoons. The teams will scale up their operational strength to build high-speed, class-certified vessels in the near future.

With Duqm occupying a strategic position at the crossroad of trade routes between Asia and Africa, it gives investors the leverage to penetrate high-growth markets. To enhance Duqm’s position on the map, KR Group Marine Solutions is actively involved in several shipbuilding activities with Asyad Drydock in Duqm. With significant progress made in this direction, Khimji Ramdas Group will continue to pave the way for bigger opportunities that will benefit the nation’s economy as well as its people. With national talent equipped with the expertise to offer customers comprehensive and competitive maritime services, the projects will help in the diversification of the nation’s economy, as outlined in Oman Vision 2040.

Commenting on the national workforce, Hritik Khimji added that, “We believe the new generation of young Omanis coming out of High School or University are looking for challenging opportunities and have the potential and mindset to excel, given the necessary training and exposure to international markets. We will be able to create a strong workforce that is skilled, competent, and reserves the capacity to spearhead change and propel the country forward.”

Always at the forefront of development, innovation, and change, KR Group Marine Solutions has proven its competence in shipbuilding and repair and will remain focused on leading the way for further first-of-its-kind ventures while ensuring it remains a valuable contributor to the country’s economy.