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KR Group Eshraqa supports Oman Cancer Association Initiative

Continuing its endeavor toward supporting the local communities, Eshraqa, Khimji Ramdas’ Social Development Arm, recently presented Smart Tablet Devices to Dar Al Hanan, the project of the Oman Cancer Association. The aim of this initiative is to bring joy to the children’s hearts and create an entertaining atmosphere for them during their stay at the association.

Speaking on this gesture, Nailesh Khimji, Director, KR Group said: “Through this digital initiative, we aim to uplift the spirits of children and offer them a fun environment full of happiness and optimism. Medical experts suggest that a positive psychological state of mind will support disease resistance and also contributes to a children’s response to treatment.”

“This initiative comes as part of Eshraqa’s social responsibility objectives towards encouraging digital literacy among children. Since its inception, Eshraqa has tirelessly sought to contribute to the welfare of the Sultanate’s people by partnering with the public sector, educational institutions, and other entities. The initiative aims to encourage the growth of the local community and uplift the living standards. This is in line with the government’s vision that seeks to improve the social well-being of people,” he added.

Dar Al Hanan, (Home Away from Home) offers support to children with cancer and their families ensuring sustainable outpatient treatment. The institution also strives to raise awareness about cancer and protect members of society. Through its facilities, it has positively contributed to changing the lives of many children across the Sultanate, particularly those who are away from the capital and face difficulties in attending their treatment sessions.

Expressing her appreciation for the initiative, Yuthar Mohammed Al Rawahy, Founder of Oman Cancer Association, said, “We are happy to yet again collaborate with Eshraqa to support children and help them in their digital learning, especially during the ongoing pandemic situation. I commend this gesture, which will surely bring happiness to children and boost their confidence. We look forward to your association in future endeavors.”

In January 2011, Dar Al Hanan (Home Away from Home) officially opened as a landmark project dedicated to serving the needs of children with cancer who reside out of the capital. It provides free accommodation for patients and their families to overcome the challenges they face, such as transportation, accommodation costs, meals, and looking after other family members. The institution also provides shuttle services for the patients and family members to different hospitals for treatment and back to the Dar Al Hanan facility.

Eshraqa, the Social Development Arm of Khimji Ramdas Group strives to contribute to the development of local communities through its four pillars – Education, Health, Community Wellbeing, and Training. Since its inception, Eshraqa has embarked on providing a plethora of effective initiatives in various fields in partnership with public, societal, and educational institutes. The aim of the initiatives is to support the development of society, ultimately creating a sustainable and bright future for the people of Oman.