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Pizza Hut debuts San Francisco Style Pizza in Oman

Pizza Hut has launched its San Francisco (SFO) ‘light base, big taste’ handcrafted pizza for the first time in Oman.

Available on 21 different toppings on the menu, the SFO Pizza is the latest innovative offering from Pizza Hut that caters to diverse tastes and presents customers with a wide range of choice in the pizza segment.

Each SFO handcrafted pizza is made to order, using fresh dough that is kneaded daily. The SFO crust is available across Pizza Hut stores in Oman in small, medium and large sizes. What’s more is that the pizza is also available in three new toppings, including Spicy Tandoori Paneer, Red Pepper Chicken, and Mexicana Chicken.

Spicy Tandoori Paneer Pizza

Taking the temperature up a couple of degrees, the most spicy of the three new toppings, the Spicy Tandoori Paneer Pizza is made up of finely diced green and red chillies, and will be a favourite of those who like their pizza fiery hot. The cottage cheese cubes in this pizza, intermingle perfectly and decadently with the spicy ingredients that surround them.

Red Pepper Chicken Pizza

For those who like spice, but don’t like their pizzas overly fiery, the Red Pepper Chicken Pizza is the perfect choice, as it comes with a moderate degree of heat, courtesy an aromatic but spicy sauce. The pizza comes with roasted red bell, chicken pieces and chopped jalapenos for a distinct eastern flavour.

Mexicana Chicken Pizza

Having a sharp chilli-infused base and strips of bell pepper, the Mexicana Chicken Pizza is a pizza that comes with criss-crossed mouth-watering lines of sour cream and roquito sauce, interspersed with succulent pieces of chicken, jalapeno and juicy corn kernels.

Sachin Malhotra, COO, Khimji Ramdas Lifestyle Group commented: “We are delighted to bring the San Francisco style pizza to Oman along with three fiery new toppings – Spicy Tandoori Paneer, Red Pepper Chicken, and Mexicana chicken. The new toppings ofcourse are in addition to our existing variety of toppings.”

Given the tremendous popularity of pizza in the Sultanate, through the launch of its new product offerings Pizza Hut is looking to capture a robust market share, especially among customers looking for a new pizza experience. Pizza Hut’s new offerings are available for Dine-in, Home Delivery and Take Away across all Pizza Hut Outlets in Oman.

To place your orders online, log on to or call: 24 822 500. To know more about their latest updates and interesting promotions visit Pizza Hut Oman’s Facebook page httms://