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Celebrating the Glorious 49th National Day Eshraqa participates in Muscat Municipality’s Festival “Oman Al Khair”

Muscat, 10th December 2019

As part of its celebration of the 49th National Day, Eshraqa participated in the “Oman Al Khair” Festival organized by Muscat Municipality at Al Amerat Public Park. The social development arm of Khimji Ramdas supported team Zebrine who were the creative designers behind the festival through String Art Artifacts that attracted a large number of visitors between 22 and 29 November 2019.

String Art is a freestyle skill crafted with yarns and nails without limitations to designs, colors and shapes; it is inspired by ‘Holographic’ – an Ottoman art technique that uses nails and copper wires on wooden boards – that is making a comeback after being forgotten for centuries.

Commenting on their participation, Nailesh Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas, extended his most sincere wishes and congratulations to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said – may Allah protect him, and the good people of Oman on the occasion of the Sultanate’s 49th National Day. He said, “Our participation in this festival and our support to the Zebrine team come in accordance with the wise vision and directives of his leadership. His Majesty has always stressed on the importance of supporting the youth and encouraging them to innovate; as well as the development of our local communities on all levels.”

Team Zebrine consists of a group of talented young Omani artists who promote modern art and crafts; Eshraqa has extended its support towards the team in their previous initiative to beautify Al Amerat mountain with a giant wall painting that represents the thriving wildlife in the Sultanate.

On behalf of the Zebrine team, artist Fareed Al Balushi thanked Eshraqa KR for its continuous support as well as believing in the potential of Omani Youth and continually empowering them to innovate and excel within various sectors. He also extended his heartfelt thanks to Muscat Municipality and the organizers of this family festival that showcased the team’s artifacts, hoping that string art receives the accolades and response it deserves with support to evolve through future generations.