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SPAR Oman twitter account wins silver at Oman Tech Awards

SPAR Supermarkets won silver at the Oman Tech Awards for its Twitter account (Oman_Spar). The account has seen a tremendous increase in its fan base right from inception, chiefly due to its thematic content that engages a broad audience.

Since commencing operations in Oman, SPAR Supermarkets has been driving up the company’s social media presence to leverage maximum advantage of today’s Internet age. It has embarked on an ambitious media strategy that guarantees maximum interaction among its patrons, particularly online.

Sridhar Moosapeta, CEO, SPAR Oman, says, “SPAR is the new face of KR Retail Division, implementing concepts that promote quality and value for money. We bring the best products from around the world at real and affordable prices for our patrons. Right from the outset what we have focussed on is maximising our online presence to engage closely with our customers to better understand their needs. Our social media platforms have helped us connect with our customers better through exciting competitions.”

The retail chain’s online presence is on a steady rise with its dedicated Facebook page (OmanSpar) that posts regular campaigns and promotional events inviting customer participation. Shoppers, in turn, are motivated by the spate of exciting prizes and unbeatable offers that lie at the end of every online event. Frequent contests and trivia posts encourage the retail chain to understand its customers. For instance, a few months ago, SPAR ran a campaign titled ‘Taste of the Word’, which showcased an exhausting variety of products from around the world. The event was also up and running on SPAR’s Facebook page where it was a hit with fans.

SPAR’s flourishing online presence coincides with strategies to consolidate its position in Oman through an expanded network of operations. “The year 2016 has opened a new chapter for the brand when we signed a Master Franchise Agreement directly with SPAR International. The target was to open 9 SPAR Supermarkets by 2016. But we have surpassed that target, because, by the end of the year there will be a total of 14 outlets across the Sultanate spread across 6,125 sqm of retail space. Next year will see an additional 10 outlets taking the total number to 24,” says Devendra Kumar, Senior Divisional Manager, SPAR Oman.

SPAR Oman, he adds, prides itself on providing customers with a retail experience that is unmatched by competitors in terms of value-for-money, variety, freshness and quality. This insistence on freshness is best communicated through the retail chain’s recent campaign ‘Mango Mania’, featuring the most luscious fruit flown in from India. All this and more means that SPAR Oman is confident of delivering on its promises to customers as it continues to change the face of retail in Oman, says Mr Kumar.