Consumer Products & Retail

Quality isn’t just a
standard – It’s a way of life

We’re dedicated to infusing every aspect of your daily routine with excellence, from the products you use to the experiences you cherish. Our commitment to quality isn’t just a promise; it’s a philosophy that guides everything we do.


Procter & Gamble

A $66.8 billion (2018) American multinational P&G is the world’s largest consumer goods company.


Arguably the world’s most famous breakfast cereal brand, Kellogg’s has Khimji Ramdas as its sole distributor in Oman.


A product of the E.T. Browne Drug Company, Palmers is available in over 80 countries and is one of the leading skin cream and lotion brands in the world. In Oman.

Red Bull

The globally renowned energy drink, Red Bull created a whole new category in the beverage market after its launch in 1987. Available in 171 countries, with more than 62 billion cans consumed so far, Red Bull spreads its wings in Oman


A leading manufacturer of household products Reynolds Consumer Products offers a range that includes aluminium foil, parchment paper, cling wrap, oven bags, waste bags, disposable plates and cups, etc.

Bel Groupe

Offering a range of branded processed cheese products, France’s Bel Groupe is a family owned company with its range available in 120 countries.

Beiersdorf Group

The manufacturer of well-known brands such as Nivea, Elastoplast, Eucerin, Labello, La Prairie, Tesa and Coppertone, Beiersdorf AG of Germany has a global revenue of $8 billion and employs over 20,000 people worldwide.

Consumer Agencies

With a proven reputation and track-record in sales and distribution, Khimji Ramdas has been selected as the preferred agent and partner by a host of leading international and GCC brands.

Philip Morris (Marlboro)

Over the past 40+ years, Khimji Ramdas has successfully nurtured a robust association with Philip Morris International (PMI), the owner of cigarette brands such as Marlboro, Parliament, L&M and Chesterfield. 


Almost 150 years ago Khimji Ramdas began exporting quality Omani dates to markets around the world while importing good and commodities to Oman.

Grocery Retail

ROP Social
Welfare Markets

Created specially for Royal Oman Police personnel, a total of 34 Social Welfare Market stores offer a wide range of products at subsidised prices across the Sultanate. 

SPAR International

The world’s largest supermarket chain with more than 13,623 outlets in 48 countries, SPAR International, Netherland was brought to Oman by Khimji Ramdas.

Catering Services

Helping Hands

Helping Hands attends to a diverse range of requirements, spanning corporate cafeterias and events to intimate gatherings like wedding receptions or small parties. Whether it’s for a select group or a large gathering, we provide tailored services and delectable cuisines to match your preferences.

Our team presents an extensive array of food options, covering Arabic, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, live grilling stations for personalized cooking, Chinese, Continental, and more. We offer menus designed to cater to every taste and culinary preference.

Healthcare & Beauty

Kaya Skin Clinic

The largest chain of skincare clinics in the Middle East, with the region’s largest pool of dermatologists, Kaya Skin Clinics look after more than 200,000 customers at 23 clinics across the Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.